New Future

New Future

January 2022

Loud Apartment

Loud Apartment is a New York City music group created by musician Nevaris. The current lineup features legendary producer/ bassist Bill Laswell, turntablist DJ Logic, guitarist Will Bernard, Peter Apfelbaum (flute, sax), drummer Lockatron, and Nevaris (voice, congas, percussion.)

New Future

“New Future”, the most recent recording from Loud Apartment, was released on January 7th, 2022. “New Future” features a guest appearance from dancehall recording artist Garrison Hawk on two of the tracks.

“…serving up highly vibrant sonic excellence that expounds the human possibility for expansion and evolution.” ~The Big Takeover

“Music with a conscience… Here amongst the loose funk grooves, jazz infused improvisations, the soul sass and the reggae rhythms there is a whole manifesto” ~ Second Scene Magazine

System Breakdown

Loud Apartment released its second studio album, System Breakdown, on Oct. 23rd. 2020. It is the first with this lineup. Bill Laswell produced the record at Orange Music, in West Orange New Jersey. 

Loud Apartment began recording System Breakdown in January of 2020. The band halted recording shortly after when the Covid-19 pandemic hit New York City. During the break in recording, Nevaris began writing new lyrics that reflected his anger at the political party in power. The band returned to the studio in the summer of 2020 and finished the album. They included the new material, giving it a more political tone. 

Some lyrics from “Enough is Enough”, are below:

“Unmarked police in unmarked cars / pull people from the streets no idea who they are / soldiers of a corrupt administration / spread hatred and racism through the nation….

Group History

Loud Apartment originally formed in 2008. Nevaris (vocals and keyboards), Kenny Grohowski (drums), Jim Robertson (bass), Angel Rodriguez (percussion) and Sergio Ortega (guitar) made up the original lineup for the band. Loud Apartment acted as the de facto house band for Nolej Studios in midtown Manhattan, and Uncomun events held monthly at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. Guitarist Matt Dickey joined the band in 2010. Loud Apartment released their debut album Get Up Get Down in 2012 featuring Bernie Worrell as a special guest. Bill Laswell mixed the recording. Bernie appeared with them for several live performances at Galapagos Art Space, Drom, and Public Assembly  in NYC. 

Loud Apartment is known for performing at unconventional events, often privately held, where they frequently collaborate with artists from across mediums and music genres. Collaborators have  included vocalists (Garrison Hawk, Maya Azucena, Rustem Khojmemedov, Baba Israel, Imany Mladao, Eli Efi), DJ’s (DJ Logic, DJ Ambideckstricks, DJ Speedrail, DJ Black Panther), dancers (Rockafella, Kwikstep, Sita Frederick, Max Pollack, projectionists (VJ Full Stealth, Carlo De Jesus, Tiffany Kao), and visual artists such as Jose Ortiz.